End of Summer Celebration

End of Summer Hot Seat Celebration

The promotion will be held on Friday, September 21st, 2018.

Celebrating the end of summer with a cash blow out! Win your share of over $7,000 in cash & free play. Hot seat drawings will be held for cash and free play as follows:

                                       6:00 PM                                     $100.00 Free Play

                                       6:30 PM                                     $150.00 Free Play

                                       7:00 PM                                     $200.00 Free Play

                                       7:30 PM                                     $250.00 Free Play

                                       8:00 PM                                     $200.00 CASH

                                       8:30 PM                                     $300.00 CASH

                                       9:00 PM                                     $400.00 CASH

                                       9:30 PM                                     $500.00 CASH

                                     10:00 PM                                     $500.00 CASH

                                     10:30 PM                                  $1,000.00 CASH

                                     11:00 PM                                  $1,500.00 CASH

                                     11:30 PM                                  $2,000.00 CASH


  • Players must earn 10 points the day of the drawings to be eligible for any of the drawings.
  • Must be actively gaming to win.
  • Must be a member, in good standing, of the Players Club to be eligible for the drawings.
  • Only one winner per evening. Anyone drawn a second time shall have their name announced as a previous winner.

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